19 dezembro 2014

Revealing secrets of the Bible.

Revealing secrets of the Bible.

Whenever we study the word some issues seem secrets. One of them is the one who wrote the book of Hebrews? Some say it was Paul, others say no, was one of the apostles or even someone who did pass for one. But I will try to show some secrets and give my revelation.

1-Who wrote the book of Hebrews?
The writer of Hebrews was Apollo. Writing is not the way to communicate the Apostle Paul, but an apologist, a defender of the gospel, and Apollo was the one who was taught the word apostle by the disciples and had knowledge of the Old and New Testament.
2 Trinity?
The Father is self-existent, and yourself, for lack of a better word, divided the essence, come into existence the Holy Spirit. In
Earthly Linguagem, little brother. The son was begotten, not made, begotten of the Father, begotten of his essence, not divided, as the Holy Spirit, but begotten.

3 Because Jesus preached to the spirits in prison? For if the number of angels and demons that will fall, did not change and there is a demon for every living being, where they see these new demons and angels?

The Bible says that Jesus, before resurrecting, went to hell and preached to the spirits in prison. That the Lord took the keys of death and hell hands of the devil and resumed the authority lost by the man in the Garden of Eden.
What escapes the knowledge of people is what is written: spirits in prison and not condemned spirits! He who is in prison and prisoner is not condemned. Jesus preached to those who on earth have not had the chance to hear the word and see the glory of the Father's creation. Jesus preached to the spirits of Satan prisoners he snatched the land and led to hell. Who are they? The spirits of children and newborns!
I clearly saw, here at the door of my house, when The Lord is risen a newly born baby. There was demonic hosts who were surrounding the ambulance, which for reasons unknown to me came arrebatala, and when she died and laid hands on her and she was raised, the demons retreated, without the child. But wait! Child has no sin and should go straight to heaven? But it was not what was happening.
Many are making pacts with Satan for money and offering their children, many children were offered to Moloch and sacrificed him in the fire. So these children were taken to hell and not to heaven. There was no hope for them, were doomed for eternity.
But there was a prophecy, the prophecy of the Lamb of God, who would come to rescue the lost, and when it was fulfilled in Jesus, He descends to hell, the devil took the hand keys and announces the prisoners of hell: release arrived! If you want you can leave here and come with me in paradise! If someone was, I do not know, but the procession from hell to heaven was gigantic, there it was!
Há! Likewise, is the increased amount of angels. And it's too good to controversy and crucifixion.
4- all died in the flood?

The Bible says that all flesh died and I think that really was so, but the Bible says that Goliath was a descendant of the giants, it is other then. So how? Simple this giant, were virtually extinct in the flood, but not all died, if not, there would be desecndente!
  The correct thing to say that all those bad men died in the flood, and that meat disappeared. I believe in the universal flood.

5- Jesus ate with sinners and on your table had prostitutes, tax collectors and others. Than others and where he was at this time!

Time, if he was in this company, he was rather a meretricious area by the whole have no need of doctors and they do not freely would walk through Jerusalem. But even more, the area is what my brother? Prostitutes and prostitutes. Yes, gays were with the Lord at the table and he was with love and respect.

6- If God created only Adam, where did the woman of Cain and others who founded the city?

Simple! God created Adam as the head and centered the story on him because he is responsible for the human race, but also created others, but the story was centered on Adam.

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