04 dezembro 2014

Letter to the President Obama: God is with you.

Mr. President
Barack H. Obama II
President of the United States Of America

I am addressing your person through this letter, I publish clearly in my blog, to offer you, as Pastor and Prophet of the Lord Jesus on this earth, my moral and biblical support.
I have been following for years the insults that your Excellency has suffered from his opponents, and often with amazement, as many of them claim Christians, or followers of Jesus of Nazareth, my God and Lord.
I could not fail to see that during the time of its mandate to chase your excellence has only increased and not a few times, I'm sure the loneliness of the job and the sleepless nights did him think of giving up.
I saw how his family have been through these ordeals and the house that one day upheld him, it seems that him turned your back, the house of my Father and your Father, Lord of all the earth, Jesus, the risen Christ. Where should be able to come in and have refreshing, you feel that they throw thee stones and sticks.
But I want to assure you that:
1- God has not abandoned you!
The Lord is with you. My God chose thee and put thee where you are. Do not be afraid or fear of their enemies, they were not standing before you. If you honor the Lord, serving him and being true to his family, he will not abandon you.
2- How Jehovah said to Elijah on Mount:
Still seven thousand that would not bow to Baal.
The Same God says to you, yet many who pray and cry out for you, day and night, my son. I raised them to cry out for you, I got up them to fasting for you and I put you into your hearts, as thee I put, you his wife and daughters, in the heart of my prophet, my vessel.
3-, and send the Lord tell you more:
If you think you do not see the tears that run from the face of my children, is fooling. Not only to see, as the put in chalice to respond in due time. The time of his victory is not yet arrived .
You thought it all came too pass ? Not yet the most to you and your family! When they say it is the end, then  will be the beginning.

My brother son of the Highest God, Many do not understand thee and do not understand what you do, some even out of envy, others by ignorance, others because they forgot that God is love and care for all of, even with illegal immigrants. He cared and was crucified, we are not greater than our Lord.

Peace be with you, and if we do not know each other will know in heaven. Peace.
Pastor. prophet
Rogério Oliveira
Minas Gerais
Amazon neighborhood.

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