12 abril 2015

Girls 10-14 years are victims of sexual slavery in Goiás

Black, illiterate and poor.
Marcelo Ferreira/CB DA Press
Cavalcante (GO) - Girls descendants of slaves born in Kalunga communities of Chapada dos star in the same horror stories and barbarism of the ancestors, taken by force to work on the farms of the region in the 18th and 19th centuries No high school and without any possibility of employment beyond the legwork on unused land in the villages where they were born, they are delivered by parents to residents of Cavalcante. In the town of 10,000 inhabitants in the northeast of Goiás, 310km from Brasilia, most works as a maid in middle-class family home. In return, earns only food, a place to sleep and free time to attend classes in public. To make matters worse, is exposed to all kinds of violence. The most serious, rape, usually committed by employers, and white men with economic and political power.

The victims are between 10 and 14. The authors of the liberal political professionals, 20 to 70. For now, they remain unpunished. However, the story began to change in December, when the direction of the Civil Police Goiás decided to change all personnel of the local police station. Even without structure and enough people, new researchers, coming from other cities and frightened with so many cases of rape vulnerable - in which the victim is under 14 years old - shelved, decided to give priority to this type of occurrence. Since then, eight completed surveys. The latest has indicted as the vice mayor, Jorge Cheim (PSD), 62. Two weeks ago, a finding confirmed the rape of kalunga 12 year old girl who lived in his house.

No answers
The delegate Diogo Luiz barrier called the arrest of Cheim, that in addition to councilor for three terms, is the former mayor of Cavalcante and husband of the current deputy mayor of the city, Maria Celeste Alves Cavalcante (PSD). The request and the investigation against him are for the sole promoter of Justice of Cavalcante, Ursula Catarina Fernandes Siqueira Pinto. Answering the district of the city for 18 years, she is married to a cousin of Cheim. The friends and city police, she said that it must be held suspicion in the lawsuit stage. The Magistrate General Public Prosecutor of Goiás (MPGO) analyzes assessed complaint last month against her work. In the complaint, residents complain of alleged slowness and lack of response to complaints of crimes committed in the city.

The promoter that caters to the public only on Thursdays, was not found to interview or returned messages left by the Mail report, which was in Cavalcante Tuesday and Wednesday. In a statement, Cheim denied the crime. Claimed to have taken the victim to live in his house because of the girl's family's financial difficulties, a resident of a maroon village 100km away from the county seat. About the lack of judicial authorization to care for the child, said that the prosecutor knew everything. The Mail team went to the house of the accused, on Tuesday. Two men, one son of Councilman, received the report at the door. Said the councilor was on his farm, but would point to give interview. Ensured that he would be found in the session of the House, on Tuesday night. Cheim missed the meeting, it was not seen more in the city or returned to the newspaper links.

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