08 abril 2015

American soldiers were dissected living in Japan in the 2nd War

Experiments took place at the end of the 2nd War in 1945 (Photo: Playback)

A university in Japan opened a museum that recognizes the use of American soldiers of World War II for experiments with their bodies while they were still alive.

The Museum of Kyushu University explains how other soldiers who were being held as prisoners of war were taken to the medical school of Fukuoka after his plane crashed in the skies of Japan, in May 1945. At the site, they were subjected to cruel experiments doctors - a soldier had his brains dissected to find out whether epilepsy could be controlled through surgery.

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Another soldier had salt water injected into his veins, to see if she was able to replace a sterile saline solution to combat dehydration. All soldiers died during the experiments.

Museum opening is 'official recognition' experiments (Photo: Playback)

Cases of medical school Fukuoka been described in some books, including doctors who participated in the experiments, but the museum is an official recognition of the atrocities.

The university decided in March, after a talk with teachers, include information on cases in its new museum.

The doctor Todoshi Tono, who was part of Fukuoka team, devoted his last years to expose the atrocities of war and wrote a book on the subject.

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